Yes that’s right… If you put in 10 hours of work per week to go through our training, we will guarantee you a job or give you 100% of your tuition back— no questions asked.

Have you ever bought a product and then wondered if it is actually as good as they made you think it was?

How about not knowing if what you’re working on will actually translate into positive results, have you ever felt that?

Believe it or not, even though we have dozens of reviews online, multiple people have told us over the last few months that they don’t believe the Full Stack Network Engineer Tech Degree program is as good as we say it is…

This, despite the fact that we offer a 30-day full money-back guarantee, which takes ALL of the risk away. That seems pretty fair… at least to us. But even with this, some people still decline to give the program a try.

Not too long ago, this didn’t make any sense to us. After all, we have many success stories that always help inspire other prospect students to believe in themselves and enroll into the program (or at least give it a try for 30 days risk-free).

For example, to those who are struggling to get their careers jumpstarted, we tell them about Chase Mitchell. Chase was stuck in a meaningless job that didn’t offer any opportunities for growth even after earning a Bachelors in Management of Information Systems. However, after going through our training, he was able to almost triple his salary in months (check out his story here).

Another example is Kevin Lee, who didn’t know absolutely anything about IT. In fact, he was working as a project manager but wanted to make the switch to a career in technology. Yet, only 18 months after enrolling into our training, he landed an associate Network Engineer position working at Samsung. He now works in their infrastructure team (check out his story here).

Keron Taylor has a similar story. He was working as a printer tech, and wanted to do something to help his career take off, so he enrolled into our program. And, by simply going through the first have of the Full Stack Network Engineer Tech Degree and learning about the big picture of IT, he was able to get a promotion to work as a Datacenter Operations Engineer. Here it is in his own words:

zero to engineer full stack network

However, after doing some extensive research, we found that many people would still feel skeptical about a training program promising these kind of results— people don’t seem to think that they can jumpstart a career in IT in such a short period of time; and that those who are able to, are extraordinarily talented.

So for this reason we have decided to do something we have never done before: we are now offering a full tuition money-back refund if you go through our Full Stack Network Engineer Tech Degree and don’t get a job within a year of the day your classes start (see terms here)!

This wasn’t an easy decision since it poses a big risk for our business. But, after watching student after student blow it out of the park, we are beyond confident in what our training can do for anyone who is serious about leveling up their IT skills.

So, by only putting in 10 hours of your time to study every week, we will guarantee you a job or give you 100% of every single penny of your tuition money back!

To make this a reality, we have worked relentlessly on building features into our learning management software that will help to hold you accountable as you progress through the phases of the training.

We have also designed a clear structure that will not only help you stay on track and level up, but it will also push you to become the best engineer you can and set you up for success for years after you’ve completed the training.

We are putting our money where our mouth is— the only way we can succeed is if you succeed. We’re not like most training schools or colleges out there that will only give you a paper degree and keep your money even if you end up unemployed or stuck in a boring job not knowing what to do next.

Hence, we are willing to give you all of your tuition money back if our training doesn’t deliver on its promise, which creates an additional incentive for us to keep working long hours to see you achieve massive success in the IT industry.

So what’s different now?

The Full Stack Network Engineer Tech Degree program (with job guarantee) is broken up in three simple phases:

Phase 1 (90 days)

During this phase you will complete the training portion of your Full Stack Network Engineer Tech Degree, which is comprised of 7 self-paced modules that include a full stack networking project that you must carry out on your own.

In the first two modules, you’ll learn about enterprise networks, security, data center and virtualization, collaboration and current industry trends. This will give you an understanding of the big picture of IT and empower you to better understand your career goals and options.

In module 3 you’ll start learning about technical concepts such as ethernet frames, MAC, hubs, switches, routers, subnetting, IP addressing, the OSI model and more.

Module 4 is about teaching you how to build your own labs. You’ll work on a bunch of Packet Tracer labs and learn how to install GNS3.

You won’t find the teachings of module 5 anywhere else. In that module, you’ll acquire real world engineer skills, learn how to think like an engineer, discover which tools you need to get familiar with and the foundations of network management.

Modules 1-5 will prepare you to tackle the Full Stack Network Engineer Tech Degree’s monster final project, presented in module 6. In this module, you’ll plan design and carry out your very own full stack networking project from start to finish. By the end, you will understand HQ/Branch networks and the project build out process.

Phase 2 (95 days)

During this phase, you will earn your CompTIA Network+ certification and begin your Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification training. You will get full access to training courses, created by Jacob Hess himself, to prepare for both certifications.

These courses include practice exams and quizzes, plus access to over 1,000 hands-on labs to help you practice the skills you would need to master to pass your certification exams with flying colors.

Phase 3 (180 days)

During this phase you will have access to NexGenT’s premiere course, Land Your Dream IT Job, where Terry Kim himself breaks down, step-by-step, his secrets and hacks to achieving massive success in IT faster than most people think is possible..

In this phase, we will help you work on your personal brand and on how to properly position yourself as a benefit to companies, which will make it much easier for you to get hired where you want to be hired. Additionally, you’ll discover exactly what to do to get promoted as soon as possible.

In fact, Terry Kim will teach you the exact strategies he used, to go from being totally broke to making over 6 figure working as a Senior Network Engineer in just 23 months! By the end, you’ll basically know how to get promoted on command!

But wait… There’s more!

As part of this new job guarantee offering, you will also get access to customized group coaching and mentorship. During these biweekly sessions, you will join Terry and Jacob while they personally go through complex configurations and answer career development questions in detail. And, you will also get access to a cohort-specific Facebook Mastermind group, where you can engage with other students who are also working on taking their career to the next level.

We are very determined to helping as many people as possible unlock their true full potential. In fact, our whole mission is to inspire and empower the next generation of IT engineers. We are so committed to doing this, that even being a small business, we are willing to put our money where our mouth is and promise to give anyone who is eligible, 100% of their tuition money back if they aren’t able to get a job after completing our training.

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