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NexGenT Donates $5 Million in IT Course Scholarships During COVID-19

NexGenT Donates $5 Million in IT Course Scholarships During COVID-19

** You must be a US Citizen, Permanent Resident or Have a Valid US Work VISA to be eligible.

This week, over 10 million people filed jobless claims- a number that will likely skyrocket each week as many industries continue to be impacted by the pandemic. Millions of Americans are being told to work from home, but with a grim outlook of their future. While many people around the globe are losing their jobs, tech workers throughout the IT industry, have seen growth in hiring demand. Now more than ever, it’s the responsibility of EdTech leaders like NexGenT to lead the charge in upskilling and retraining people everywhere into IT jobs.

NexGenT is proud to have served thousands of students over the course of the last few years from every conceivable background- guiding people through their first uncertain steps in IT all the way into engineering roles and beyond. Those people have gone from living paycheck to paycheck to earning six-figure incomes in as little as 3 years. Using this history to guide us, it has never been more important than during the current crisis to fill the void. That is why NexGenT is offering scholarships for people to be able to acquire the essential skills to launch IT careers in the fastest way possible.

What we’re doing to help

NexGenT is offering $5 million in IT scholarships to the CompTia Network+ training course- specifically for current IT students not able to attend school and workers in Covid-19 affected industries. Our goal is to aid as many people affected by COVID-19 in the coming months as possible. What this means is that NexGenT is offering 5,000 people FULL scholarships to our CompTIA Network+ training program valued at $997 which includes weekly LIVE coaching and mentorship (Exam fees not included). These students will have access to the same full set videos, tutorials, labs, and exam preparation that our full Network+ online course offers. Obtaining an industry certification like the CompTIA Network+ is crucial in successfully landing your first IT job.

The IT Job market is growing, even in the midst of the pandemic. Roughly 918,000 tech jobs remain unfilled RIGHT NOW.

“The CompTIA Network+ certification is the only job role based IT certification exam that verifies you have the essential knowledge and skills in networking to develop a career in IT infrastructure.” 

CompTIA’s Website

 Network engineering is a foundation for most of the unfilled IT jobs, whether you want to be a cloud architect or a cyber security specialist. Starting your IT career begins with a solid foundation in networking.

CompTIA Network+ prepares candidates for the following job roles:

How Much Can I Make with CompTIA Network+ Certification?

Here are a few CompTIA Network+ jobs and their average salaries according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Network administrator – $86,340
  • Network support specialist – $67,510
  • Network system analyst – $92,740

The benefits of a CompTIA Network+ 

  • Vendor neutral and internationally recognized certification
  • Validates technical knowledge and skills in networking
  • Prerequisite for anyone looking to break into IT 
  • Zero experience needed

If you’ve been impacted by the Covid-19 layoffs or school shutdowns, take this opportunity to apply for this scholarship to our Network+ training program. Our admissions team will review your application and determine whether you are eligible right away.

(2-minute application)

Who is this for?
NexGenT is looking to help people who are going to be affected or are currently affected by COVID-19. Those who have lost their jobs, on the verge of losing their jobs, or are unable to continue schooling in the traditional way. Note ** You must be a US Citizen, Permanent Resident or Have a Valid US Work VISA to be eligible.

How many seats are available? 

5,000 seats are available for our CompTIA Network+ training program which includes live weekly coaching and flexible training hours.

How long is the scholarship available?

These are being distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis for applicants who are able to show they have been impacted by the Coronavirus layoffs and shutdowns.

How long will I have access to the material

You’ll have access to all training and learning material (notes, videos, labs, and exam prep) for 12 months. The 12-month period starts at the time you’re granted the CompTIA Network+ course scholarship and given access to the course on our NexGenT learning platform.

“ I do have my Network + now and I passed that with flying colors because of the NGT training”

-Makeia Jackson, NexGenT Graduate

Work From Home Now Mandated Due To Coronavirus – Who Is Surviving This? IT Workers.

Work From Home Now Mandated Due To Coronavirus – Who Is Surviving This? IT Workers.

At the time of this writing, there are mandatory lockdown directives in 15 of the 26 EU countries, 3 countries in Southeast Asia, and hundreds more municipalities around the world. In an effort to stem the tide of Coronavirus, many companies have mandated working from home to protect their employees from the limited health services. For a great deal of the industrialized world, even though many are well-familiarized with Zoom, Hangouts, Teams, Slack, etc., the interwebz have been flooded with “How to Work From Home” articles.

For many in the world of IT, this is nothing new. In the tech world, this is might as well be the internet reminding people how to tie their shoes or ride a bicycle. While getting to work from home seems like a rare luxury for some, this is just another “day at the office” to tech workers. Remote work is not something dusted off in times of global pandemic, but a tool that thousands of companies use for their own agility, and not to mention, for enticing new talent.

Download our free 5 step guide to becoming a Network Engineer

Take for example NexGenT’s backyard- the Silicon Valley. The primordial soup of tech companies and innovation has some of the most expensive real estate on planet earth. For a companies like Google or Facebook, warehousing thousands of engineers in Mountain View or Menlo Park doesn’t make the least bit of sense. For a company like Uber or Apple, what’s the point of having armies of cybersecurity professionals stacked on top of each other in San Francisco or Cupertino?

Unlike physical security, threats don’t come from next door or down the street- they come from all over the world. And while I’m sure it’s lovely this time of year, it’s no easy feat to attract talent to Siberia or the Gaza Strip. So when you go to open a new location in either of those countries, you go for Moscow or Tel Aviv- cities with $1000+ per square foot cost of commercial real estate. The question then becomes, “Who can work in that time zone?”- and while it is often more convenient to be within the same longitude, even that isn’t necessary anymore.

How Zoom Is Rising Right Now (And Hiring)

The benefit of offloading talent to their homes is obvious and quantifiable for companies in the search to optimize space. It is often even more beneficial in their relentless pursuit of new talent. While hiring freezes will soon sweep through most other verticals due to the fault of many businesses, we’ll likely see the exact opposite in tech.

Take, for example, Zoom Video calling. We’ve long used that here at NexGenT for all of our meetings- connecting our team in as far-flung places as Portugal, the UK, the Philippines, and Romania. Over the course of the last month, their stock price has gone up over 20%, but more importantly, they’ve added more users in the first 70 days of this year than they did in the ENTIRETY of 2019. This means Zoom is now dealing with 74% more load on its services and features than it did at the beginning of the year. And at a time when the demand of video calling services will only continue to explode, there is every expectation that this will push Zoom to a near crisis point- a crisis that, at least from a business perspective is a great problem to have.

So, in order to keep pace, Zoom is on an absolute hiring spree- they’re not able to acquire new network engineers to bolster their infrastructure fast enough. They can’t find and onboard new cybersecurity engineers to protect every one of those 2.2 million new users with enough speed.

While this is certainly extreme, let’s look at other services you’re certain to use if you’re working from home today.

I’m sure Netflix will reach peak “and chill” over the next few weeks, and the impetus to log on to Amazon rather than go to your local Target and Wal-Mart to stay away from crowds will be strong. These online retailers and service providers have steadily increased their capacities over the past 10 years, and have become so ubiquitous in our lives we may easily forget what it takes not only to keep them humming along, but also to bring new features to users. The army of Network engineers required by Google and Amazon alone is in the tens of thousands- and a quick check of either of their career pages shows hundreds of openings at any given time.

The tech talent gap has been a steady drumbeat in the distance for quite a while, but in times of Covid-19, will be evident in the ledes of news sites (also look at periodicals like the New York Times removing their paywalls in order to keep everyone updated on virus news) each and every day. These are the times that try men’s souls- and, had they been around during Thomas Paine’s time- their servers, routers, and switches as well. 

Alongside the simple need for these jobs, the prospect of working from home is up there right next to salary, RSUs, and vacation days for many in the world of IT. A company’s ability to offer the flexibility and freedom of working from anywhere allows millions of IT workers to work from home, work from an airport, or work from a beach. These jobs can be done just as easily from the moon as they can onsite, and are truly only limited by internet access. Not to mention the freedom from a commute daily (and feel free to look up travel times in some of those cities mentioned earlier) and the costs involved with that- these add up to real dollars saved, and, of course, more dollars in a potential employee’s pockets. 

While the demand is great in the here and now, we are certain to see a ripple of this push to work from home as well. While we can’t be sure if we’ll be self-quarantining in a week, a month, or 3 months from now, for many jobs that use this as a proof-of-concept for a remote workforce, this will forever change the landscape of their day-to-day. We can’t possibly know the future and certainly hope for the best, but there is no more surefire way to prepare for the inevitable change than using this time at home to level up and focus on a set of skills not soon to be outdated.

That’s all I have for now- can only ignore these Slack notifications from the boss for so long.

If you’d like to learn more about up-skilling or breaking into the IT industry, check out our courses for Network Engineering and Cyber Security.

From Babysitting Laptops to NetOps Technician [This IT Training is the key to upskilling]

From Babysitting Laptops to NetOps Technician [This IT Training is the key to upskilling]

If you’ve ever spent years at the same job and felt stuck in a position, we feel your pain. When your schedule is already tight and your budget is limited due to raising a family, the thought of going back to school seems almost impossible.

We get it, and, more importantly- we’re here to help.

Despite popular belief, a degree is NOT necessary to be successful in the world of IT. With the right upskill training, hands-on experience, and guidance, you can make big strides even if you feel like you’ve hit a plateau.

This is exactly what Al Minnigan discovered when he stumbled across an advertisement on Instagram for NexGenT. 

Al had spent approximately two decades in the IT industry before realizing he was bored and felt generally unfulfilled in his position. He was working as a field technician at a high school. The job wasn’t particularly difficult and Al wanted something that would both challenge him and allow him to grow his skills.

“I kind of felt like I was babysitting laptops after a while… And it got boring and I actually got frustrated” he said. And in true “lemonade from lemons” fashion, it was that dissatisfaction that motivated him to look into leveling up his skillset to move on.

He had long been intrigued by the wondrous worlds of networking, server maintenance and cyber security. Regardless of this reasonable craving for something new and more fascinating, Al was skeptical about taking the leap. 

He already had a wife, kids, and a full-time career. Going back to school sounded unappealing, but Al chose to be realistic and knew that self-learning through Google searches and Youtube videos was not the most efficient method for him to master a new topic. 

“I’m not a good self-learner,” he confessed. Like many, he was used to schooling that includes access to an instructor, a planned and designed course and accountability for showing up to class. His knowledge of online courses didn’t meet the criteria he was looking for.

Finding The Light In The Darkness

“I never expected NexGenT to be a one-on-one kind of program.”

Al minnigan

His wife encouraged him to branch out and ask for help and that was when he stumbled upon the program advertised on Instagram. He recognized the uniqueness it offered with its training calendar, network of industry mentors, and flexibility. After doing his due diligence and realizing the record of success the course had, he and his wife decided it was worth giving it a shot.

“Every time that I have had a question, it has been answered in a reasonable amount of time,” he said. He feels empowered to learn and never feels guilt or shame for not grasping a subject immediately. 

He says that Jacob Hess and Terry Kim have been excellent instructors. They are able to break down complex topics in a fashion that is more understandable to the average student. 

“I never expected NexGenT to be a one-on-one kind of program so I was surprised.” That was how he knew it was what he was looking for.

Al found a new surge of confidence from the knowledge he was gaining through the FSNE Program. While originally, he felt as though there was going to be no growth at his old position, the mental shift that NexGenT provided allowed him to self-advocate during the workday. Combining new technical skills with the knowledge of how to wield them allowed Al to actively pursue advancement and opportunity that had been right under his nose.

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Gaining Experience & Leaving An Impression

He began taking initiative to asking others at his company if he could help out in order to gain experience. He offered to assist in tasks such as switching out routers and servers and his colleagues were pleasantly surprised and encouraging.

The network operations manager caught wind that Al was trying to get experience in networking and encouraged him to keep applying.

When asked what gave him the confidence to apply for these other positions, Al responded with, “NexGenT, to be honest.” Al Minnigan’s hard work and determination helped him get promoted from a Field Tech to a Network Operations Technician.

In regards to his new position, “I was a little nervous because I’m a person who likes to move around a lot, but it’s actually not bad. It’s exciting. I’m learning a lot of technology so it keeps me busy and I don’t feel bored or sleepy. I’ve got the four screens going on too which is cool.”

NexGenT not only restored his confidence but provided him with the motivation to continue working in the IT industry. Previously, Al had underestimated his ability to learn new skills, but the program proved it not to be true. He found that the more he learned in the program, the more he wanted to continue learning. Al realized learning was not finite. Instead it is a trajectory that once on, becomes a flywheel of more learning, and more success.

He admitted that he had initially failed his CompTIA Net+ exam just before landing his new position. Despite being embarrassed to share a failure, he was determined to earn his CCNA prior to the Cisco changes in late February- a goal that he has proudly accomplished since this interview.

With his success and experience, he has been able to encourage his peers by showing them that they too can accomplish whatever they are determined to work for. He also loves to share with other NGT students the inner workings of his current position in IT and help them understand basic concepts he has encountered in his career.

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He appreciates the FSNE program for offering the ability to learn at a reasonable pace and honoring the many different types of learning styles. 

When asked about the things he liked most about the program, Al stated how he appreciated that NexGenT was genuinely determined to help people, how affordable it was for quality training, and he especially liked the individualized mentorship.

“Give it a chance,” he testified. “Even if it’s not for you. Give it a chance because you will learn a lot.”

Now more than ever, Al is inspired to continue leveling up in his career. After spending two decades in the industry, he had reached a stage where he believed he had missed his chance to excel further. Now he has broken through that barrier.

“Thanks to NexGenT, I am motivated and inspired to keep going to become a Rockstar Engineer even when I thought it wasn’t possible.”

Al’s story is not just inspiring, but also possesses a very relatable beginning. It is easy to feel stuck at a job that we are unhappy with and to convince ourselves that there is no easy way out- therefore, we might as well stay put and stay miserable.

But this is a common misconception that often leads one to deprive themselves of a fulfilling career. 

Al has proven that you can change your mind, learn new things and start anew at any point in your journey- even 20 years in. If you feel as though you may want to do something similar, NexGenT has your back and we’ve helped many people break past their plateaus. We have got your blueprint to guide you down the right path.

It’s time to level up!

Did you know we offer our training for ZERO upfront tuition? Learn more about our programs focused in Network Engineering and Cybersecurity. You don’t pay us a dime for training until you land a high-paying job! Apply for free.

4 Qualities That Tell An IT Manager To Hire You

4 Qualities That Tell An IT Manager To Hire You

We’ve all been there, on the other side of the desk or screen, hoping we’re saying the right things in an interview. Questions, concerns, and self-doubt running circles in our heads.

It can be exhausting to put ourselves out there and go after a new position, and the variables can be dizzying. Never fear, NexGenT is here!

If you’re interested to what a hiring manager is paying attention to, read on and ebb your interview woes with some insights right from the horse’s mouth, a hiring manager and business owner- Wesley Weaver!

Wesley is the founder and CEO of Penumbra PC, was on the leading edge of Cisco integrations while growing up on the front range, and has a solid track record of doing what needs to be done.

We asked Westley what some of the top traits he looks for when seeking a new hire. He shared with us the main reasons that one of his most recent hires, Erik, has been so successful.

Here are some of the top traits that Wesley looks for as evidence that a new hire will be a rockstar on his team!

Trait 1:

Proactive Work Ethic

When you’re a figure of authority, constant directing and delegation can be taxing. It’s highly likely that the person interviewing you feels that way daily.

Showing that you have initiative, using examples of times you took charge and made sure everything got done on schedule. Show them that you will not be another person they have to check on. Prove that you have the mindset to solve problems and that you value the time of others. 

By doing this you make yourself invaluable and a standout candidate.

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Trait 2:

Soft Skills—don’t discount them!

It’s often the skills and mentalities that people pick up throughout life, as well as intentionally work on, that make them stand out the most.    

A quick list of soft skills to bank into:

  • Ask valuable questions
  • Willingness to learn—or even better, genuine enjoyment for learning new skills
  • Strong communication
  • A get-it-done mentality
  • Effective on the spot documentation of tasks and processes
  • Leadership skills
  • Teamwork mindset
  • Flexibility 

A lot of these soft skills are developed out of schooling and are often what the general hiring managers look for when meeting a candidate. It isn’t always about what someone has a degree or a certification in – but it acts as evidence that the person was able to successfully complete a certification without self-destructing, essentially.

Review this list and decide which of these are your strongest and weakest. See if there are any areas you can dig in to improve and boost your soft skills. Then, find a way to incorporate some of your biggest strengths into your interview answers or past examples.

While watching this video, take note of the examples Westly uses in describing the admirable trait of his new hire, Erik.

Trait 3:

Solid Documentation Habits

Documentation done well can save companies millions of dollars. If you can display the ability to report and consistently keep track of information, that’s golden.

Take for example, if a company like AT&T experiences downtime in a data center, they lose about 5 million dollars per minute! With proper and meticulous documentation to refer to, you could save a company 5 million dollars just by shaving off one minute in the process of getting that data center back up and running. Yes, you read that correctly–a difference of 60 seconds in downtime can save 5 million dollars!

If you’re unsure that you possess this skill, go and build it. Document a recent project, draft up a report for a past event or work experience. 

If you start building the habit now, you can confidently show that you know the importance of documentation and that you have the diligence to follow it through.

Trait 4:

Asking The Right Questions

Wesley emphasizes the importance of asking questions—not only ask questions but to know how to ask the right ones.

“I’m much more interested in how someone asks a question, versus how someone answers a question.” 

So what is “the right” question?

Get into the meat of what you’re inquiring about. The right question isn’t something surface-level that you could quickly ask Siri or do a quick research on your own. Don’t be dependent on others to give you these simple answers.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”


Instead, dive into the questions that will help you improve on a certain level.

  • Avoid basic “yes” or “no” questions
  • Try asking situational questions using real-life examples
  • Dive deep into a topic
  • Ask an expert opinion
  • Be comfortable with silence and allow yourself a moment to process the answer
  • Ditch your fear of asking a question. Be okay with admitting that you don’t know something.

Those who are either too afraid to ask questions or think they know everything and don’t need to ask questions is a big red flag.

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Make it a habit to minimize the things you don’t know by being inquisitive.

We all have these three areas: the things you know, the things you don’t know, and the things you didn’t know you don’t know.

By being inquisitive, you tackle that hidden “Things you didn’t know you don’t know,” area.

To Wrap It Up

Wesley’s recent hire, Erik, is a NexGenT Alumni. When asked what makes Erik an excellent employee, these were the four traits that stood out the most. “He’s got the background. He knows that there are things he doesn’t know. Because he’s got that broad scope of technology. Having been in an environment [NexGenT] where he’s subjected to those different types of technologies, he’s able to ask the right questions.”

Next time you’re preparing for an interview or wondering how to make yourself a better employee, remember: Exhibit a dependable and persistent work ethic, lean into your relevant soft skills, show that you know the significance of efficient documentation, and ask the right questions.

Go out there and crush it!

For information about our Full Stack Network Engineer program and zero tuition upfront, click here to learn more and apply now to see if you qualify.

She Went From Stay-At-Home Mom To Cybersecurity Technician IN MONTHS [How She Did It]

She Went From Stay-At-Home Mom To Cybersecurity Technician IN MONTHS [How She Did It]

Makeia Jackson was looking for the next step in her life. As a mom and wife, she knew she would need something flexible and highly effective to bring her to the next level.

Before Makeia discovered NexGenT, she was a stay at home mom with a technical degree that wasn’t getting her anywhere. “I had gone to a technical college, applied for jobs, and nothing was happening.” She had given up and resolved to stay as she was. For four years, she shoved her ambitions aside.

“I psyched myself out. I told myself I’d just wait until my kids are older and apply for a job then.”

She tried to ignore that restless feeling of wanting to put herself back in the game.

She needed a way to make her resume stand out among the other stay at home moms looking for career opportunities. She needed an edge.

“I knew I needed to do something different.”

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Finding NexGenT

Makeia came across a couple ads and articles from NexGenT that popped up on her Facebook and LinkedIn feeds and was intrigued. She dove deeper into learning about what NGT was offering. “I googled NexGenT and went to the Facebook page, and thought: Okay, I’m going to see what they’re talking about.”

After attending one of Terry’s webinars, she was ready to give it a shot. “I thought, okay, this is going to be it.” Makeia, on how she felt after making her choice. She had found her edge.

From “Going to see what they’re about,” to “This is going to be it!” just like that.

That’s how quickly a life can change.

Landing The Job

Makeia began her training and worked diligently. A few months in, the inspiration that came from speaking with Terry and Jacob led her to take a chance and apply for a cyber technician position she found online.

“I went in, and they asked me what I knew, so I just told them what I was learning at NexGenT.”

“When I decided to go through NexGenT, the way they took us through each phase and made sure we understood, was great. Having the videos helped because I could always go back and listen again.”

One of the beauties of NexGenT is the flexibility that helps each learning style thrive. You learn on your time, at your pace, at your level. “My mom always told me that if you can’t teach it, you don’t know it. With NexGenT, I’m able to explain everything!”

Makeia got a phone call with a job offer on the same day of her interview.

“If I hadn’t done the NexGenT courses, I don’t think I would have gotten the interview or the phone call.”

The confidence she earned in NexGenT encouraged her to nail her interview and land a position as a Cyber Security Technician with EDTS Cyber, now know as Corsica Technologies.

Makeia’s ultimate goal is to be a Network Security Engineer, and because of her determination and quick thinking, paired with our course, she has the confidence and tools in her belt to do it.

Makeia is grateful to have network experience going into her new position. “The training included Wireshark and that is something I now use every day. We’re always reading packets and reading the network to determine if it’s a brute attack or user error.”

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What kind of impact has this had on you?

“Seeing Terry and Jacob, I just see honesty and the passion of them trying to help other people without having to spend so much money, without putting themselves into debt with college degrees.”

Something shifted in Makeia while she was attending our webinar that day.

She felt that they saw potential in her without even having a one on one conversation. Seeing their motivation and fire for empowering people instilled a sense of inspiration in her that fueled her to take the chance, and change her life. 

“NexGenT helped me get my passion back, to come up with a solid and sound vision, and to know that I’m going to have to put in the work and not to expect something to come to me easily. It helped me remember not to give up on myself and to keep learning every day.”

A quick tip from Makeian Jackson:

Invest in yourself! You don’t want to put so much effort into putting out your funds without getting a return on your investment. Be wise with your investments and make sure it’s coming back to you in positive ways!

“Thanks to NexGenT, I have leveled up, and I have the confidence I need to be anything that I want to be as a network security engineer.”

That’s the kind of excitement and clarity that NexGenT strives to help instill; to help people see a future for themselves.

Are you ready to level up? I heard a YES. Click here to learn more about our programs and apply now!

Want To Stand Out From Other IT Candidates? Read This First! FSNA & FSNP Certifications Could Be Your Answer

Want To Stand Out From Other IT Candidates? Read This First! FSNA & FSNP Certifications Could Be Your Answer

What are the best IT Certifications? Which IT certification should I get first? What is most in demand? These are the pressing questions that keep popping up.

In an industry awash in an alphabet soup of certifications, it’s difficult to determine which ones are valuable, which ones look great on a resume, and which ones are tired legacy certifications not even worth the paper they’re printed on.

Due to the sheer amount of certifications, it’s now more necessary than ever to pair these well-known certifications, with a solid knowledge base, and more importantly, true, real-world experience.

Enter the FSNA

*Cue ascending angel sounds* The FSNA stands for Full Stack Network Associate, and it’s a NexGenT exclusive certification that makes each student stand out to make big moves in their IT careers.

You may be wondering, “How will this help me?”

NGT focuses on certifying students in a way that directly aligns with employers’ needs. We equip our students to be job-ready, much like the military. It’s not so much about the diploma or the certification, it’s about “Can this student perform this task?”- and that’s what we ensure. That each student is prepared for anything and willing to learn.   

Below, we’ll walk through some common questions.

How does this compare to getting certifications like Net+ or CCNA?

All the perks that come with the FSNA program- mentorship, community, career services to land the job, weekly live coaching calls, and the hands-on training with labs- is what makes FSNA stand apart. (CCNA training, the single most sought-after certification in IT, is included in the FSNA program.) 

Certifications consist of studying concepts and taking exams–not often incorporating hands-on practice and simulations.

In contrast, the FSNA includes a host of other benefits that push you above the common standard. Not simply the abstract and theoretical, but the ability to put pen to paper and use those skills.

No other program on the market right now offers all of these resources to help you succeed. A community, direct access to instructors and mentors and weekly coaching are truly one-of-a-kind opportunities for an online course! 

Certainly, there are plenty of informative videos that can be found on YouTube to break down concepts and improve your understanding of IT, we don’t doubt those! In fact, we actively encourage you to supplement your studies with other books, podcasts, and videos to do whatever it takes to truly become immersed in these new topics. 

But ultimately, what those others lack is the community, the mentorship, and the dedication to helping YOU succeed. This is what sets NexGenT’s programs apart from others. 

What does FSNA entail?

The Full-Stack Network Associate title certifies that you are versed in more than 100 associate-level routings, switching, cybersecurity, voice over IP, automation, wireless, network management and cloud networking skills. When we say Full Stack, we mean FULL Stack.

In today’s rapidly changing IT field, people need versatile workers who are well versed in a wide variety of networks and methods.

Who came up with this, and how do I know it’s effective?

The FSNA was created by two veterans who graduated over 1,000 engineers while they were IT instructors in the Air Force, many of which went to set up and manage communications within the military. Their way of teaching is based on their military training experience, and it equips students to be “field ready” and raring to go.  

As Cisco system product manager Gregory Cote said, “Even an entry-level engineer needs to have awareness of end to end network domains.”

Cisco System is a prime example of recognizing the value of producing well-rounded engineers who have an understanding that carries over multiple areas.

The Proof Is In The Pay Bump!

We have successfully helped thousands of people launch their careers in IT and counting! 

Take for example just two of our alumni who began the program with little to no experience, broke into IT, and leveled up: 

Marcus Mapes: before NGT, he was in Marine core making roughly $32k. Now, after earning his FSNA, Marcus is just months away from a new contract making $85k annually. 

Chris Mendez: he struggled on the help desk, and after getting FSNA certified, he landed a role as a Network Administrator with a 50% pay bump.

Even more success stories can be found throughout our blog. Find out how Chase Mitchell got hired at Tangoe earning nearly six-figures or how Keron Taylor transitioned from a Chemical Operator to landing a job with Google.

The success stories speak for themselves as proof of effective methods.

What Do I Do To Earn My FSNA Certification?

Upon completing Zero to Engineer Basic Training, you’ll test to earn the FSNA.

Each student is required to configure and deploy a LAN with routing, switching, wireless, Voice over IP, and Security. Students’ lab configuration skills are checked to verify real-world skills. 

By completing the hands-on Bootcamp, or by taking the virtual skills-check (FSNA-V) you’ll earn the FSNA certification.

In this training, you get real-world experience and even learn some advanced skills such as how to automate private WAN to VPN failover and how to set up an HQ network with two branches from scratch.

With that type of knowledge and experience in your toolbelt, you make yourself invaluable to companies who need that versatility and initiative. 

FSNP – The Next Step

The most ambitious and qualified will move on to the Advanced Program to earn the FSNP Certification: Full Stack Network Professional. This certification is for those who are looking to launch into high-level roles within IT. Some students will enter with an existing background in IT in search of breaking through a plateau in their career, while other students will have joined our program with zero experience, completed the FSNA Basic program and are dedicated to skyrocketing their career!

Advanced Training students are scheduled to perform their live SQC (skills qualification check) to verify skills. Upon successful completion, the candidate will be awarded the Full Stack Network Professional (FSNP) Certification. The time allotted for the SQC itself is 2 hours. This block of time includes scheduling for all students in the cohort to SQC, get feedback, coaching, and also graduation.

With that comes the Full Stack Networking Project, which is designed to provide an understanding of a complete HQ/Branch network and the project build-out process. Students will learn how to plan, design, and implement their own Full Stack Network with a headquarters location and two branch offices. This project is performed locally on the student’s computer and all configurations are completed using the Cisco Packet Tracer network simulation software. Cisco Packet Tracer is provided to you by NexGenT during the FSNA program.

Do I Need Prior Experience To Start The Academy?

NexGenT takes applicants from every background. Having experience in IT will definitely be beneficial, but we’ve helped anyone from grocery managers, forklift drivers, and existing IT folks launch their careers. After years of perfecting our process, Zero to Engineer is not hyperbole.

If you are driven, determined, punctual, and willing to learn, you’ll be successful! 

Ready to get started? Let’s get you going today!